~LeeLee & B Plus Annie Louise

Love, love, love this blog design and the cute family that owns it!  Check it out!!


~Christmas Cards~

First I found this on another blog today and thought it was pretty neat!  For all of y’all that have fancy smancy smart phone, lookie here!!

etsy gr codeI made a code for my ETSY site!!  How cool is that??

For those that do not have a fancy smancy smart phone, you can also click here to check out some Christmas cards that I made!!!

~It’s A Sale~

~Since it’s November

~Since I am thankful for so many things

~Since I love, love designing blogs

I am hosting a sale!!

From now until November 15th I am offering

$25 off Package #1


$10 off Package #2

Email me today to start your blog makeover!


Pre-Blog Designs

Don’t forget to check out the three Pre-Blog Designs that I am offering for the basement bargain price of $30! 

I will be adding some Christmas ones very soon, so be sure to come back and check those out for a little Christmas blog makeover!!!  

Click on the button on the top right to see!  :o)

Update Your Pictures!


Kathy recently contacted me so I could update, her blog header and sidebar with newly taken pictures!!  I was in awe of her cute family picture and how much her kids have grown since doing her blog!!

If you need your pictures updated, let me know and for $15, it will be done!  :o)

~Lelands Consignment~

Lelands blog

A new business that has just opened up in my neck of the woods!  A great place to find super fun items for your home!

~One Fine Day~


Go check out Kristen’s Blog!  This amazing woman is on an incredible journey to adopt two children.  Read about her story as she waits for Sofia & Joaquin!

~4 The Love Of Teaching~


Oh my!!  Makes me want to go to school again!!  This is such a colorful, fun design!!!

~News From Nicaragua~


This couple is getting ready for the adventure of a life time! 

They will be blogging from Nicaragua soon!


ubounce snipit

This is a fun, fun, fun blog design!!  If you live in Kentucky, go and bounce yourself silly!!  :o)

~All Fixed~

My Photobucket is now back up and running!!  YAY!

~There Is A Problem With Photobucket!~

Please bear with me.  I have contacted Photobucket and of course I am waiting, waiting and waiting for an email back.  This is very frustrating to me, so I know you are equally as frustrated.  Your blog will be back up and running, I hope very soon!!!!

~The Adventures Of Higgins~

Higigns Blog

Yes, even dogs blog!!  HA!

~Pre-Made Blogs Designs~

Pre-made blog designs are here!!

damask blog 1

ladybug blog

I have been wanting to do this for sometime now and finally got around to actually doing it!   For those that would love to have a custom blog design for your blog, without having to pay for a full custom design, this might be the thing for you!  

For $30, I will add a picture (if applicable) and your blog name to the header, your name for the bottom of the post and also sidebar pictures.

I am working on more pre-made designs this week and will have more for you to choose from!

~Live, Laugh, Love~

lana header

This was such a fun blog design, I love all the colors!!!  Make sure you check Lana’s blog out!

~I’m Back!~

Whew, what a whirl wind of a few weeks it has been!!  Just wanted to let everyone know that I am back and working hard on some blogs! 

Currently I am working on two blogs for businesses that I am super pumped about and also a few personal blogs! 

I am also working on some pre-blog designs that you can look through.  Fingers crossed, I will have those up as well later this week!!

~Mission Trip~

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am leaving in just a few hours (June 24th) for my mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  If you are interested in a Blog makeover, please go ahead and contact me via email and I will get back with you on or around July 5th when I get home.  :o)

~The Real Moms Of Owensboro~


This blog was a lot of fun for me to design.  There are many different elements in this design including a three part sidebar!!  Check it out…these moms look to be really busy moms!!!

~Baby Bags & Briefcases~


Such a cute blogger with an adorable little boy!!

~The Busscher Family~

header for publish copy

An absolutely beautiful family!! 

~Last Day~

Today is the last day for my sale.  So far six blogs are in the process of getting a makeover. 

Jessica S

Kathy B

Cassie Z

Audrey L


Casey H

4 spots are left for additional $10 off, so don’t wait because tonight when I turn off my computer to head to bed, the sale will be over!!!

~Sale Still Continues~

Five people have already contacted me for blog makeovers. If you want a blog design, don’t wait, there are five spots left for an additional $10 off.

Also, the first ten people to sign up, not only do they get an additional $10 off, but are put into a drawing to receive their blog design for free!!

So far, those who have contacted me are:

Jessica S

Kathy B

Cassie Z

Audrey L


Thanks so much for your interest and I am excited to get busy with some awesome new looks for your blogs!!!

~Asian Hot Happenings~

marlana snipit

Super excited for this sweet blogger and her new blog design.  Her family is committed to missions and her heart is amazing!  Check out her blog to learn more about her and her beautiful family!

I’m Back In Full Swing & Here Is A SuPeR SALE To Prove It!

I am really excited to have done not one, not two, not even three blogs…BUT FOUR blogs this month alone and I am quickly working on getting the fifth one done!!  YAY!!  I have so enjoyed getting back into the groove of blog designs!!  To share the blog love, I am offering a sale to celebrate!!

Starting today my blog designs are $25 off!

For the first 10 people that e-mail me, I will also take an additional $10 off!  So you could give your blog a total makeover for $65 or $40…that’s a great deal!!

That’s not all.  During this sale, if 10 or more people sign up  for a blog makeover I will draw for a free blog design!!  You might be the lucky winner and not have to pay at all except for the digital kit. 

This sale begins today and will run through Saturday. 

Email me at jpdbj (at) dtccom (dot) net

~MeMe’s Ink~

annette snip it

This MeMe went from no grandbabies to 3 in less than a year.  But if you think that is something she has three more grandbabies making their appearance by the end of this year!!  That’s a serious grandbaby explosion!!  6 grandbabies in three years…HA!

~Living To Love~


Check out this very cutie patootie blog!!  Read about April’s crazy beautiful love story and about their upcoming adoption of twins!!

~Welcome To Austinville~

Capture austinville

A brand spanking new blog for a brand spanking new blogger!!  Go and give Stacey some love and encouragement as she begins her blogging journey!!  Welcome to world of blogging Stacey!!

New Blog Design


Here is my latest blog design for a sweet family that adopted their first beautiful baby girl!! 

Check it out!

Blog Designs

I have been so busy with life and with a “real” job that I have not been doing blog designs much.  BUT…since I am no longer with my “real” job, I started back trying new things with blog designs again!  Can I just say LOVE!  I forgot how much I truly loved doing blog designs.  Of course, working with great people makes it doing it that much more fun…like Katie…I just got done with her blog!  I have done her blog three times and she is such a sweetie to work with!  Check it out…

katieL Final Header

If you would love to have a new design for your blog, let me know!!  I am super excited to be getting this part of my life up and running again! 

A Re-Vamp Of This Blog Coming Soon!!

I have just started back into the blogging business of blog design! As of right now, this blog is in a bad need of a redo! HA! Be on the look out for exciting changes coming really soon! If you need to contact me, please do at jpdbj@dtccom.net and for the most up to date news, check out my personal blog here....www.blessingsamidchaos.com.

Thanks so much!