Make Overs & New Adventures

This is a blog make over that I just finished tonight. It is for a sweet family that has been through too much this year, and really has touched my heart. This blog was a joy to do and I wish Katie & Robb many blessing as the next few months could be very challenging for them to say the least!

This next blog was for my personal blog, I felt it needed a little fall makeover!!

Now for the new adventures!! Tonight my 'cuz April contacted me about doing banners for Etsy. If you are not sure what Etsy is (like myself) it is a place where you can buy & sell all things handmade. April has been selling wonderful handmade picture frames, rings, plaques and much more, but recently changed the name of her Etsy site and needed a whole new banner. Again, I was thrilled to try my hand at something new and here it is!

So, she says "hey why don't you set up a site on Etsy and sell banners", if you know me, I jumped right in with two feet! I made a really quick banner for my site, and hopefully in the next couple of days I will have some pre-made banners up to purchase, along with some other goodies that I might throw together!!

Remember if you are looking for a blog make over or if you have an Etsy site that needs a banner, let me know!!

Another Blog Makeover

Click on the picture above to see my latest blog make over. I did this one for my cousin April. Stay tuned to her blog and mine for a chance to win your own blog makeover!!

Blog Design

Here are two blogs that I worked on.

The first one is for my peronal blog and you can check out the full page here.

The second one is for the ladies at my church, Calvary Baptist Church. They have started a blog and I was honored to make their blog for them. April wanted something close to what I did for my personal blog, but with a punch of color. You can check out their full blog here.

I have been playing around with a lot of different designs and can make whatever your heart desires. Here is another example of a header that I made.

Purrfect Designs Under Construction

Hello, I am in the process of setting up a blog design business, and I am still pulling together my site and adding all the fun stuff! I am really enjoying this time of getting everything "just right"!!

Stay with me and very soon I will have it completed along with some of the designs that I have already finished.