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Latest blog design!

2 Days Left

Two days left for the October sale. That's right, the spook-tacular sale ends tomorrow evening. If you would like to take advantage of getting an entire blog make over, don't wait too long!!

Amy's New Blog

Amy was a joy to work with and I just wanted to show off her vision and the new look of her blog! Thanks Amy, I hope you enjoy your new look.

Another Creation!

If you have a chance go over to Greg @ Greg's General Store and check out his new blog design! Greg has a scary wonderful personality and I hope that his blog design has captured his quirky comical wit!

Opps!! Sorry, Please Forgive me!

If you have tried to e-mail me and I have not returned your e-mails, please rest your fears, I am not rude, just goofy!

I typed my e-mail wrong in the side bar, my e-mail has a dot net and not a dot com!! Rest assured that I fixed it and you should be able to get me now, so if you have tried to get me before this and I did not get back to you, please contact me again!


We Have Winners!!

This morning we did an official drawing for three blog make overs.....and the winner's are......

For Katie's blog :

Walker & Ryan @ Are We There Yet

For April's Blog:

Amy @ It Doesn't Get Better Than This

For Purrfect Designs:

Greg C @ Greg's General Store

Congratulations to all the winner this morning. If you will please e-mail I will give you instruction on where to go from here!

Also if you did not win, do not dismay, I am running a special for the entire month of October for a full blog make over for $40.00 plus the digital kit!

Again congratulations to our winners and stay tuned to see there new blogs!

Blog Make Over Contest!

If you have found me through Katie's or April's blog, I have a special for you!!

If you will leave a comment telling me what you like about their blog make over I will be drawing for 2 free blog makeovers, one for Katie's blog and one for April's. So leave your comments and good luck!

For those that have stumble onto Purrfect Designs, and did not come via Katie or April, do not feel left out, tell me why your blog needs a make over and I will draw for a free blog design for you also!!

Free blog designs will include a custom header, body and sidebars, similar to Katie's & April's. The only thing that comes out of your pocket is the cost of the digital kit, they usually run between $3-$8 bucks!

Also for the month of October I will be doing full blog make overs for the spook-tacular price of $40.00 plus the cost of the digital kit, so if you are not a lucky winner, you can still benefit!

The contest will run through Friday and I will draw for the winners on Saturday October 4th!

Good Luck!!